Production facilities

Manufacturing facilities in Italy


The Industria Italiana Autobus production facilities are located in Bologna and Flumeri (AV).

Our two Italian sites, in addition to attesting 'Made in Italy' quality, also express the company's potential in terms of know-how and production capacity. The Research and Development centre and the Production Departments make Industria Italiana Autobus one of the few European manufacturers that are involved in all stages of the production process, from the design of urban public transport systems to production, from frame construction to cataphoresis, from painting and bonding to the final assembly.
The construction of buses has been in the company's core business for over 100 years: Industria Italiana Autobus evolved from the Menarini and C. company, founded in 1919.
It is in this scenario that the reshoring and industrialisation programmes and the expansion of production capacity took place, with the product range in Italy increasing from 35 to 287 vehicles in two years (2018-2020).

The Bologna Facility, Emilia Romagna, Italy

The Bologna facility stands as a symbol of the history of the company, during which over 30,000 buses have been produced, contributing to the history of public road transport from the early decades of the twentieth century to the present day.
The site occupies a total area of 150,000 m2, of which 50,000 m2 is indoors, housing research & development, the prototype department, the production and final assembly area, the raw materials warehouse, the spare parts warehouse, and the departments of quality control, maintenance, purchasing, planning, sales, and after-sales support.
Bologna is also the headquarters of the company, where all the corporate offices are to be found.
The production area and raw materials warehouse occupy 6,500 m2, the area dedicated to prototypes occupies 1,000 m2, while the spare parts warehouse occupies 6,000 m2.
The facility produces all our prototypes (LNG, Interurban Class II, Electric), pre-series and production batches of limited quantities or made for our customers in the Bologna area.

The Flumeri Plant, Campania, Italy

The Flumeri (AV) plant is the company's manufacturing hub. Major investment in the modernisation of the plant and process lines have made it possible to achieve standards of efficiency capable of covering all manufacturing phases for the entire product range.
The site extends over a total area of 1.035.000 m2, 105,000 m2 of which is indoors, where the raw materials warehouse, the initial frame construction, cataphoresis, bonding, painting, and final assembly areas and the offices are housed.
Flumeri is one of the largest bus production plants in Europe.
The production area and raw materials warehouse occupy 70,000 m2, of which 2,000 m2 is dedicated to the impressive cataphoresis plant and 12,000 m2 to final assembly.
The plant produces the full range of vehicles currently on the market (Diesel, CNG, LNG) from production batch units to large quantities, up to hundreds of vehicles.



Frame Construction - The Starting Point

The frame construction section is where our vehicles begin to take shape: starting with the tubular steel, we weld the self-supporting frame of the vehicle, to which the mechanical parts are attached and which protects the occupants.
The monocoque frame is welded using the MIG arc welding process in which an arc of electricity creates a short circuit between the anode (the welding gun) and the metal being welded. Continuous wire welding is used: during the welding process, the welding wire is fused with the edges of the metal to be welded.
The production unit consists of
• 14 overhead cranes
• 40 MIG welding machines
• > 100 frame welding jigs
• 1 Body assembly line.
The assembly cycle is completed by checks performed using 3D imaging technology.

Cataphoresis - The Added Value

The cataphoresis plant of Industria Italiana Autobus in the Flumeri site is one of the largest and most advanced in Europe.
Using an automated loading system, the chassis or body is introduced into the tunnel for chemical treatment comprising:
• degreasing
• activation
• phosphating.
Subsequently, the bodywork is immersed in a tank and is coated with a layer of paint using a chemical process known as electrodeposition. The paint protects the bodywork, making it highly resistant to corrosion.
The process is completed by the application of a final finishing coat which is fixed in a large kiln heated to 180 degrees.

Bonding and Painting - The Preparation

The bonding and painting department is where the preparation of the body begins: resin is applied to the roof of the vehicle, the air conditioning system and the passenger floor is installed.
Grouting, grinding, and sealing renders the vehicle waterproof.
The process is completed with the application of a protective layer of undercarriage sealant, which also ensures greater comfort for passengers.
The production unit consists of
• 3 overhead cranes
•1 bonding Line
• 1 painting line
• 1 underbody painting booth

Assembly - The Final Assembly

The Assembly Department takes care of the final assembly of the vehicle. In addition to installing parts such as the radiator, power steering, the engine, gearbox, axle and suspension, the engine compartment is insulated, the electrical wiring, compressed air and cooling systems pipes are installed, and the windscreen, rear window, and all other windows and side panels are fitted. The carpet is glued to the floor and the steps, the doors are installed and adjusted, the driver's seat and the control system is fitted, the liquids are filled, initial checks are carried out and the vehicle is started up.
The process is completed with final system tuning, test track laps and checks on the brakes and water system.
The Flumeri and Bologna plants both have a final assembly department.
Flumeri has:
• 28 work stations
• 5 overhead cranes
• 1 carpet bonding booth with infrared curing.
Bologna has:
• 14 work stations
• 3 overhead cranes
• 1 carpet bonding booth
Operational and administrative headquarters
Via San Donato, 190
40127 Bologna (BO)
Flumeri (AV)
Operational headquarters
Via Fondo Valle Ufita
83040 Flumeri (AV)
83040 Flumeri (AV)Via Fondo Valle Ufita
40127 Bologna (BO)Via San Donato, 190