The Citymood range, available in 10.6 and 12-metre lengths, combines Italian design and innovative technological solutions.

The Citymood modular system allows for the use of interchangeable vehicle components, the most advanced technology available on the market today and, at the same time, helps to ensure compliance with the highest levels of environmental sustainability.

12.10 metres


Maximum width (m)


Max Power (kW/hp)

264 kW @ 2,000 rpm (359 hp)

Maximum passenger capacity



Engine: FPT CURSOR 9 turbo intercooler LNG EURO 6, longitudinal rear mounting
Operation: OTTO cycle, ignition with independent "ion sensing" coils for each cylinder, sequential multipoint injection, central control unit
Post-Treatment: MF4 three-way catalytic converter and lambda probe
Total displacement: 8,710 cm³ in-line six, 4 valves per cylinder
Max power: 264 kW @ 2,000 rpm (359 hp)
Max torque: 1,640 Nm @ 1,100 rpm
Gearbox: ZF ECOLIFE 6-speed + RM

Fuel system

Four cryogenic tanks for LNG with a total capacity of 1,116 litres. Using biomethane, the reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions is comparable to that of electric vehicles powered by renewable sources.
The Citymood LNG is also available in a version with two or three tanks according to the range required.


Components common to the entire range, such as the engine compartment, front and rear suspension, steering system and transmission, reduce operating costs and offer flexibility in layout and easy access to all mechanical components of the engine compartment and to the equipment bays at the front of the vehicle.

The build of this vehicle, with its new, larger dimensions, ensures a more comfortable ride for both seated and standing passengers, and access for everyone is also guaranteed by a floor that can be fully lowered.
  • Longitudinal engine, Euro 6 LNG, FPT Cursor 9
  • ZF Ecolife gearbox
  • ZF front axle system with independent suspension
  • BOSCH power steering
  • WABCO brake system with EBS3
  • Steel chassis
  • CAN-BUS technology
  • Dashboard with a large LCD display
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Wide internal aisle
  • 2-door version available on request

Main dimensions

Maximum length 12.100 mm
Maximum width 2.550 mm
Maximum height (A/C included) (*) 3.480 mm
Aisle width front/back 940 / 650 mm
Wheelbase 5.900 mm
Overhang front/rear 2.800 / 3.400 mm
Minimum wall-to-wall turning circle 20.976 mm
Height of access step above ground (*) 320 / 325 / 320 mm
Weight in operation (**) 12.900 Kg
(*) at full load
(**) with fluids and liquids in accordance with EU Regulation 1230/2012


Three pneumatic double-leaf doors, in light alloy, with an internal roto-translation opening system, anti-trap passenger protection and sensitive edges.
On request:
• Electric control
• Sliding doors.

Working range

It's the ideal solution for medium-distance services, extending the range of methane-powered vehicles from urban to intercity transport.


The refuelling time is similar to that of a natural gas (methane) vehicle compliant with the NGV2 standard.
Fuel consumption is lower than for CNG thanks to the higher purity of methane used
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