Citymood 12e
The Citymood 12e is the only 12-metre electric bus entirely designed and built in Italy.
Menarinubus, building on the well-established Citymood platform produced in over 1,500 units, has developed a city bus that takes electric mobility to the next level.

Designed entirely in Italy the Citymood12e is a zero emissions vehicle not only with regards to the engine, but also in the management of air conditioning and auxiliary systems.

12.10 metres

Maximum width (m)


Max Power (kW)

230 kW

Maximun passenger capacity

Up to 28 seats
Vehicle category and class Allround ultra-low walking surface, Category M3, Class I
Vehicle length (mm) 12.100
Vehicle width (mm) 2.550
Height (mm) 3.250
Front overhang (mm) 2.800
Rear overhang (mm) 3.400
Wheelbase (mm) 5.900
Front/rear overhang angle (°) 7 / 7
Chassis Monocoque, S 355 J0 quality steel in a lattice of closed rectangular tubes
Anti-corrosion treatment Full immersion cataphoretic treatment
Motor position Rear-mounted Longitudinal
Motor type Siemens
Maximum power (kW) 230
Maximum torque (Nm) 3000
Voltage (V) 650
Technology Lithium-Ion (NMC)
Charging connection CCS COMBO2 plug-in (complies with ISO/TEC 15118 standard)
Total passenger capacity (ECE R107)* Seats 28

*passenger capacity depends on required configuration


Sustainable: Citymood 12e is a zero-emission vehicle at 360 degrees. In addition to the engine, the management of all auxiliary systems and in particular of the air conditioning are zero emissions.

Configurable: Citymood 12e is not a pre-packaged vehicle but can be configured according to the requirements of transport companies, in terms of battery pack, mirror camera or other additional specific customizations.

Energy efficient: The modularity of the Lithium-NMC battery pack allows to choose different capacities depending on the required usage profile. Lithium-NMC batteries are the latest technology among lithium accumulators and represent an excellent compromise between specific energy, operational reliability and number of cycles. This provides higher autonomy at the same amount of stored energy.

Comfortable: The absence of vibrations and reduced noise make the journey on board the new Citymood 12e a comfortable experience, in a particularly spacious and bright environment typical of Italian design.

Reliable: The features of the new Citymood 12e guarantee high performance, low consumption and wide autonomy whilst maintaining the excellent handling characteristics and driving response distinctive of the Citymood range.


All Citymood 12e seats are made of partially recycled plastic and 100% recyclable and are integrated with a USB charger conveniently located underneath the seat.

Improved security

An innovative system of two Mirror Cameras installed in the place of the rear-view mirrors and the Blind Spot Detector guarantee enhanced driving safety and greater control by the driver enabling him to detect the presence of static and dynamic obstacles improving blind spot vision.

Recharging via Pantograph

83040 Flumeri (AV)Via Fondo Valle Ufita
40127 Bologna (BO)Via San Donato, 190