Perfect for all operational scenarios

The Citymood range, available in 10.6 and 12 metres lengths, combines Italian design with innovative technological solutions. The Citymood modular system allows for the use of interchangeable vehicle components, the most advanced technology available on the market today and, at the same time, helps to ensure compliance with the highest levels of environmental sustainability.

Components that are common to the entire range, such as the engine compartment, front and rear suspension, steering system and transmission, help to reduce operating costs and offer layout flexibility.

The build of this vehicle, with its new, larger dimensions, ensures a more comfortable ride for both seated and standing passengers, and unhindered access is also assured by a floor that can be fully lowered.

The ergonomic, comfortable, and spacious driving position gives the driver excellent visibility. The innovative dashboard, with its ultra-bright, colour, multifunction dual display, makes it easy to read all the vehicle’s operational and diagnostic data.

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